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by Ifeoma Onyefulu

Book Launch Success!

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Image 5In the middle of a busy street in London,on 5th June the most amazing book event was held in  the Kentish Town Library.

At the end of a busy day, when many people had already headed for home… the library  hosted a book launch for Ifeoma Onyefulu and her new series of books with Frances Lincoln, Look at This – Food – Play- Home and Clothes.

There was music, food, plenty of books, but most of all children and people who were there to listen to Ifeoma talk about her books and travel to Mali. It was great fun!

Ifeoma’s website was on display and Ifeoma’s Blog, My Travels has some amazing photographs. But the stories that go with them are so well told by Ifeoma.

This was a book event amongst friends, because even those who did not know Ifeoma when they came in, left as a friend, delighted by her stories and carrying a book they would cherish for a long time yet.

And Sshhhh…. on the same day her new e book was published and available on a Kindle, but more about that later.

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