Ifeoma Onyefulu

Children's author, photographer and writer

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Building the city walls

Image by Ifeoma Onyefulu

Ifeoma Onyefulu

Writer, children's author and photographer

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Children's Africana

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Sankore Mosque in Timbuktu

Reviews of Ifeoma's work:


Look at This! Home

"Onyefulu celebrates light, color and the people of Mali in this and three other themed suites of bright photos of common items or activities..."


New Shoes for Helen

"It would be good to see more books like this, that show just how similar we humans are, and what a huge influence the lottery of our births has on our lives..."

The Girl Who Married a Ghost


"This is a lovely compilation of stories from Africa and it's comforting that pride, envy...are human traits across all cultural backgounds..."

You can visit Ifeoma's online book shop page here. You can use the contact page to ask Ifeoma a question about her writing or travels here...

On her recent 2013 visit to the USA Ifeoma was filmed at Boston University, giving her the opportunity to tell us about her creative inspiration as a writer.


Ifeoma talks about her work and how her first book A is fo Africa came into being.


Children respond to Ifeoma's visit here...



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Writing about Africa

eBook short stories for the Kindle

Words: Ifeoma Onyefulu

Images: Emeka Malbert

Publ: BooksgoWalkabout, Cambs, UK

The Goat that Vanished

A great story, the first in the

 Writing about Africa series.

Download for only £1.81

Free to kindleunlimited subscribers

See Ifeoma's recent US interview with writer Stephanie Walstrom.

Ifeoma talks about her work during the interview for the website ONE, celebrating Universal Children's Day in November 2014.  

See more here...

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Book here

Ifeoma writes of her father, a barrister in Nigeria, and his last journey.

Read more here...

Ifeoma writes of her technique for creating

her children's book..

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