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by Ifeoma Onyefulu

New Books – August 2013

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Two new books by Ifeoma – just published by Frances Lincoln.

Ife’s First Haircut 

Ife's First Haircut

Beautiful books with excellent ways of finding out what it’s like when, as a child, you do things for the very first time.

Stories the same the world over, and Ifeoma has a wonderful way of expressing these in photographs and words.

The stories are taken from recent visits to Nigeria and are great for working with young children in this country and abroad.

Ife’s First Haircut 

Chineze thinks her little brother Ife’s hair is messy! But soon it’s time for Ife to have his first hair cut. Uncle Mike very carefully cuts Ife’s hair  and afterwards there’s a party to celebrate!

Vicky Goes to the Doctor    


Vicky doesn’t want to play with her friends. she’s not feeling well, so Mama takes her to the doctor, who takes her temperature and listens to her chest. soon Vicky is feeling better and playing with her friends.

You can buy the books direct from Ifeoma’s website and support her work in Africa.

Visitors and readers in the USA have their own version of the site and can buy books for direct delivery from in the U.S.


Great books from Ifreoma Onyefulu, always available online…



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