My Travels:

by Ifeoma Onyefulu

Thinking about the past!

I have just published a reflection called My Children are your Children. Thinking about the past, as a child, and the development of my home landscape as I have grown up and moved away. We are all products of our background and the rich differences that make up all our wonderfully diverse communities….

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Hong Kong – May 2016

Ifeoma is in Hong Kong, taking part at a week long series of events at The Kellett School, the International School in Hong Kong. As part of the Books go Walkabout team Ifeoma is delivering a series of workshops and creativity support sessions across the two campuses the school has at Kowloon Bay…

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Now with translation!

I have just added a translation button to my news journal. You will find the Google Translate option at the top of the page. This allows you to translate my news and travel journal into nearly a hundred languages. If you want to read about my journey in Latvian, Latin or even Igbo…

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Visit my website!

Send to Kindle  You can find my main home page here – Being an author, I am always keen for new readers to explore both my new books, as well as enjoying the opportunity to look at my older images and texts. You can find my bookshop, powered safely and securely by here……

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Welcome to my weblog

This blog is designed to give visitors to my web site an up to date view of my travels and any work in progress. I will post photographs and details of my journeys, workshops and just thoughts I have about my writing to share with you. You can add comments to my blog,…

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